Random White Boy has been Dj’ng for over 6 years. He originally learnt to Dj on a set of technic 1210’s but made the cross over to digital Dj’ing. After making the cross over to digital Dj’ing he has used a range of digital decks including well known brands such as Reloop and Pioneer, he currently owns a Pioneer DDJ SZ and also is very confident in using Pioneers CDJ 2000 nexus range with a DJM 900 mixer. Random White boy has been using CDj’s through out his residency and has become very confident in using them for his Dj sets.

He has always had a huge passion for music and a strong love of learning to play/ produce music on a guitar and other instruments from an early age which really made him appreciate music so much more. Random White Boy has developed his sound over many years and has honed his skill. Random White Boy is a master of all things house, from progressive to electro right down to deep house.

He currently holds a residency at The Warehouse in Penrith and has done for 2 years, as well as the residency Random White Boy has appeared at an array of local festivals such as Wolffest, Novella fest and finally the NME’s medium sized festival of the year Kendal Calling 2015.

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